My Batards

For some reason, whenever I make bread with rosemary it's always focaccia. and because I’m got lazy , I only ever make boules (someone please invent a combo cooker in the shape of an oval).  I decided to change up today so I made a loaf, though not a focaccia, and definitively not a boule.
But wait. Before I get down to the brass tacks of this bread, I have a story to tell.

These loafs of bread without rosemarry began as a happy little accident and ended with an earthquake and a fallen tree. Here’s the long and skinny of it.
I usually make my levain in the morning or just before I go to bed, since those two times allow me to make bread most conveniently, well this time I started the levain smack in the middle of the day, which would have meant that by the time it was done fermenting, I would have had to be awake at 3 a.m. to start the process of making bread.
I got lazy so this is what I made Batards ..
These are made with spelt levain and for the final dough mix has the levain and spelt flour, unbleached all- purpose flour. .

Simply Beautiful!
Amazingly delicious!. ..

Look at those clumbs! ,Wow! 
Beautiful. ..
Ready for the oven to bake...
Placed into baskets and dusted with brown rice flour and covered with a cloth and plastic bags, put into the fridge for 6 hours..
Batards shaping. .
Batards shaping. ..
Batards shaping ..
Batards shaping. .
Shaped them loosely into round and covered with a cloth , let rest for 30 minutes room temp. 
Ready to divide into 2 parts..
Mixed all the dry ingredients , levain and water together ,let set for 1 hour at room temperature. After 1 hour mix in the salt and oil, after do 4 sets of stretch and fold every 30 mins for 2 hours , after in the fridge for another 2 hours..
Mixing the levain with lukewarm water.
The wet ingredients ready. ..
Have all of the flours together for the final dough mix ready.....
Levain is ready after 5 hours @ room temp.
Made the spelt levain. ..
Absolutely Beautiful!



 I made this lovey Mango Bango Cheesecake a while ago , This week the Alpha Bakers are making this Mango Bango Cheesecake.
The solution was to concentrate the mango pulp before streaking it through the filling, which then formed lovely stratalike little pools of intense mango flavor. (I decide to add fruit on top to enhance the mango cheesecake.)...  
I had to find a  Indian store for the mango pulp.  
                     Absolutely Delicious ..
Yes I would make this lovey Mango Bango Cheescake again!!
Absolutely Delicious indeed!
Beautiful. ....
The mango filling cooled off and got a little thicker. .
 Reducing 200 grams of mango and let sit until lukewarm and poured on top of the very chill cheesecake and moved it around right away..
 Through the strainer....
 Mango pulp nature with no sugar or syrup....
Added the mango pulp  half way in the cheese batter and the very top ..
Two teaspoons for each drop...
Weighed the mango after straining it (200 grams )
I cooked it just a bit and Strained the mango pulp. .
Mango pulp. ...
Mixing all together. ....
Added the Greek yogurt and the mango pulp....
Added the cream cheese and sugar and mixed together. ...
I decide to use lady fingers. ....
Have may spring for pan ready and the extra plastic pan under it and foil on the spring for pan and a 12 inch round baking pan for the water bath ready...
Absolutely Delicious! 😍
From the Baking Bible 😎 💕 


Buddha's Bread..

The Tartaine bread experience 
These lovely Buddha's breads are made with levain, walnut oil in the mixture and unbleached white flour and whole wheat flour, water plus a little more of water for mixing the salt , they are so pretty,  I made 4 Batards , and also has walnut oiled brushed on top of the Batards , plus roasted walnuts in the mixture too.

                  HOW TO SHAPE BATARDS....

                 Look at those clumbs 😎
Absolutely Delicious indeed.😉
My little Buddha's. ..
Beautiful. ..
Take the two uper sides and let them meet in the center and press just a bit to hold, and do the same on the other end and them have the two ends meet and close the edges.
Flatten round..
Cut in 4 parts and shaped into round ballsand covered and let rest for 30 minutes room temp..
It's ready to divide into 4 parts. .
Mixed up all together and let rest for 30 minutes and did 4 stretch and folds every 30 minutes for 2 hours and after in the fridge for 3 hours...
Got the final flours ready for the final mix...
Have ready the walnuts, walnut oiled and salt. .
Roasted the walnuts. ..
Levain is ready to use...
Put it in a plastic container , and let raise for 4 hours. .
Mixed all the levain ingredients. ..
Have the ingredients ready for the levain. ..
Simply Delicious! 😎