The Chocolatetea Cake

This week the ALPHA BAKERS are baking a ChocolateTea Genosie Cake , it is a Rich ,Moist and Chocolatey and I forgot to say that the lemon liquor gives the Chocolatetea Cake more flavor..  
this would be good for people that love chocolate a lot, but not for me....
Would I make this ChocolateTea Cake again "ones in a while"...

I decided to make some changes to the cake, made the cake in two 8 " by 2"high round pans, after cut them in half, used lemon oil in the batter, for the syrup used lemon liquor, added some lemon liquor to the ganache and had to made the (Crème fraîche from the Cake Bible pg. 260)...
I also made white and Dark chocolate curls for the top of the cake and added Golden Gologourmet..
                   Simply Delicious! 😉
Added the chocolate curls on top and sprinkled some Golden Gologourmet..
     You can see the open cut of the cake. ..
Deiced to give some of the cake to my Neighbors Michelle and Graham...As you can see my neighbor graham is smiling...
All ready to frost the cake.. again I forgot to take a picture of cutting the layers and frosting it..
Chopped the chocolate  and put in a food processor and processed  it small, while the motor is running poured the crème fraîche and pressed through a stained , let set for 1 hour,  but I cooled it with cold running water ,whisked it with a hand whisk motor.
Placed the crème fraîche and the heavy cream in a medium pot and bring it to a boil then lower to simmer until completely mixed.
Have the crème fraîche ready and the 35% heavy cream ready..
Chilled the ingredients for 15 minutes in the freezer , whisked it on high speed until stiff peak...
Got all the ingredients ready for the crème fraîche in the Cake Bible pg 260...
Scraped the batter into the pans and into the oven, after baked toke the out to cool completely. P.S. forgot to take a picture. 
Now added a bit of chocolate mix it in 3 parts and folded it until all done..
Added 1 cup of the egg mix and fold it. .
Combine the chocolate and flour. .
Whisked the egg and sugar mixture until it quadruple in volume...
 Beat the eggs and sugar , set the bowl over simmering water.
Cooked the chocolate and boiling water together. .
Got my two 8"by2"high round pans ready and brushed some butter on the inside of the pans and cut out parchment paper to put on top of the butter, put cake strips around the out side of the pans...
Have all the ingredients ready for the cake batter...
Here is a picture of all the white chocolate curls , after I made the dark chocolate curls. .
 Scrape the chocolate curls , placed them on a flat plate and in the fridge so they will not melt..
Spread it spread it on the marble table back and forth and let it dry about one minutes.
Melted the white chocolate. ...
                Absolutely Yummy....
 From the Baking Bible!


  1. That is incredible!! I have that book and will have to take a look at the recipe, but I'm pretty sure I'd never do such an amazing job. Your neighbor looks very happy!

    1. Thank you Karen for your kind words and I think you can do a nice job on a cake too , you should try to make one of these lovely cakes or cookies.

  2. I agree with Karen, sis 😆 you did a amazing job

    1. Thank you big sister for your comment.

  3. What a spectacular cake Rosa! A chocoholics dream.

    1. Thank you Zosia for your kind words, yes it's a chocolate cake indeed.

  4. Wow, it turned out beautifully! The addition of lemon sounds really good.

    1. Vicki, it's really flavorful with the lemon and I am happy that the chocolate curls came out.

  5. Wow, your chocolate curls make the cake look spectacular!

    1. Thank you, I broke a couple when making them, they are very delicate then I thought they would be great to make the curls, they do look very pretty on top thank you again.😊