Luxury Chocolate Buttercrunch Toffee with Pecans

These luxury chocolate buttercrunch toffee with roasted pecans that I decided to use and all so did the same on the other side, they are from roses Christmas cookies book,  but these are improved much better and are very delightful and  delicious, unbelievable I just had to make them I couldn't believe it but they are out of this world,  they are wonderful indeed another winter Rose Levy Beranbaum.😉
Would I made this again YES!

               Simply Delicious!
Wow! They are so yummy indeed!
 Wow! They are so yummy indeed!
 Chopped them up into squares. .
 Quickly spread the roasted Pecans and chilled it for 10 minutes and after did the other side...
  spread it on top quickly with a spatula...
 Pure the caramel toffee on the baking sheet and spread it fast and then added the chocolate and waited 5 minutes. .
 Chopped the pecans. .
 In a medium sauce pan add the brown sugar, corn syrup, water, and butter,  after all was melted I removed of the heat and added the baking soda and vanilla and stir in until mixed...
 Chopped the chocolate. .
 Roasted the pecans. .
Absolutely Delicious! 
From The Baking Bible 😎 💕 


Homemade Sourdough Pizza Dough

This lovely sourdough pizza dough is done with a little sourdough starter and a mix of two different flours (red hard whole wheat and unbleached all purpose white flour) and into the fridge  left overnight.

Big sister , I hope you make this sourdough pizza , you are going to love it. 😉

                                        Simply Delicious!
 Look at those clumbs 😎!
The two twins , My adorable grandsons Birthdays (3 years old)..
 Added the mozzarella cheese and baked on top for 2 minutes.
 Now shaped them both and added all of the good thing and into the oven  and sprayed with water a couple of times. .
 Take them out and tightly shape into round balls and cover with a cloth, let rest on the counter for 5 to 6 hours. .
 Mixed everything together and let it rest for 30 minutes, and then did 3 stretch and folds sets evry 30 minutes for 2 hours, after put into the fridge overnight.
                           Absolutely Delicious!
from Tartaine Bread..


Sourdough White Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls w/ Cranberries and Cream Cheese

This Sourdough w/White whole wheat Cinnamon and cranberries w/cream cheese glaze Rolls !

these Sourdough Cinnamon rolls are great for breakfast or anytime, specially around the Christmas Holidays..

I made a little change,  I added white whole wheat and all so added some cranberries in the inside of the roll...

Have a Happy New Year's 2017 and a safe one to all!!!!

now I added the cream chees glaze on top...
hear they are out of the oven ....
After 2 hours they are ready to be baked..
placed them in the baking pan, put the pan in the oven with just the light and let them rest for 2 hour..
Rolled it and cut it every 1 3/4 inches each ....
Brioche dough is the base for these rolls, which is dough enriched by butter and eggs. When added to a dough these ingredients make for an incredibly tender and mouth-melting crumb that’s a deep yellow color. When pulled these rolls shred apart almost like cotton candy, the only resistance provided by the melted brown sugar cinnamon near the bottom — they’re like a warm, gooey cloud of pure enjoyment. When presented the opportunity, there’s nary a chance anyone will decline one of these on a plate.

To my family and friends  have a Happy New Year 2017! 😉 and a safe one!

My adorable twin grandsons

These rolls require a little extra effort but once you get the hang of the process it’s pretty straightforward — and of course totally worth it. The dough is also very versatile: you can adjust the mixing and baking schedule so they’re finished in a single day or spread out over three. The dough can be retarded in the refrigerator after bulk fermentation, after shaping and cutting, or both. My preference is a two day process where the dough is placed in the fridge after bulk, the next day I wake and get to work on the rolls so they are fresh baked for breakfast (or bunch if late to rise).

Take it of the fridge after 3 hour and dusted the counter with some flour and rolled it to the size and then added the cinnamon mixture and a couple of cranberries and started to roll it up.. 
Brown Sugar Cinnamon Spread..
This spread has just the right level of delicate sweetness and comforting bite from the cinnamon. The mixture is more crunchy and thick than it is spreadable plus cranberries , which is my preference. When baked, swaths of the spread caramelize and other smaller areas stay crunchy, providing a subtle contrast of textures.

Now I put it in a large bowl and did 3 stretch and folds for every 30 minutes and then placed it in the fridge for 3 hour..
Now added the soft butter , a bit at a time ,8-10 minutes ,all most done...
mixing it for another 6-7 minutes to strengthen the dough and to smooth it...
added the two flours and salt ,until the dough look very wet and have clumps, let rest for 10 minutes..
in a bowl whisked the eggs, sugar, cold milk, and the mature sourdough starter and whisked it.
Absolutely Delicious!
                  Simply delicious 😉 From Tartaine Bread..


Chocolate Eclairs with White whole wheat flour

These Eclairs are made with white whole wheat flour and all-purpose flour 😉
They have a milded flavor and are more heathier for you.
They are great when family and friends come over around the holiday season.

                   Simply Delicious!
 Pastry are out of the oven and cooling..
 The cream filling and chocolate are ready.
 Place the pastry dough in a large plastic bag and with a 1/2 inch round tip and pipe each one about 4 1/2 inches long and bake for 15-20 minutes.
 Now and the eggs one at a time , until done and smooth. ..
 Now take the pastry out of the hot pan and place the dough in a stand mixer and beat for a couple of minutes, until all most cool.
 Boil the water and butter, then add the two flours and salt, mix very well. ..
 They are so delicious!


Merry Christmas to all And a Happy New Year 2017

Marie, it’s been a great experience to have baked with you and the Alpha Bakers and all so with Rose Levy B. I have had a lot of fun to and have had the mistakes also in the baking, but this is how we learn as we go along, I’m sad because it’s the end of the baking, I hope to be baking again with the group and you to Marie when the new book comes out on 2018 I hope, I wish you Marie and your family and the Alpha Bakers a wonderful Merry Christmas and a Happy coming New Year 2017  
My adorable grandsons the Twins boys are going to be 2 year's old in January 2 / 2017....

 Have a warm and safe Merry Christmas and New Year!!
 My adorable grand sons the Twin Boys are going to be 2 year's old in January 2/2017...

Have safe and Happy New Year to come...